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Wednesday, 8 May 2013


The past few months with the ICT lectures has been one of discovery. The lectures have provided us with insight as to where libraries should be in  the 21st century.
We were shown that from blogging , to Wikis, to QR codes, to Podcasting, to Tweeting  and all other aspects of social media, all form a very important part of the library environment now. We as librarians need to take this knowledge forward now an implement these technological aspects into our libraries. As stated before we need to get out there where our patrons are. The virtual world is a place they are frequenting now.

The QR project which was completed showed that it is not impossible to put together an exercise of this nature. Currently it is only a paper exercise but we are hoping to make use of it in the June vacation with the children. The project had to do with an information hunt in the library making use of QR codes. Children would need to scan the various codes and find the clues behind it, to answer the questions.

The Wiki and the Blogg are also valuable exercises in getting your library out into the virtual world. The patron community will have direct contact with the library and see what is happening at your library. In making use of this technology, libraries can also create a network which can stretch to the different corners of the world. In the virtual world there are no boundaries.

As mentioned the knowledge acquired during these past few months has been valuable in ensuring that we as librarians are in the position to take our libraries forward.

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